Thursday, March 16, 2006

Prosper bookmarklet

To use, drag the link below to your bookmarks toolbar (make sure this toolbar is open by clicking on View/Toolbars/Links), or right-click on the link to favorite it. When you click the bookmarklet on your toolbar, or go to your favorites and open the link, you’ll be prompted to enter the loan number you want to get more info on.


1.While reading a loan listing, click on the bookmarked or favorite’d link, and enter the listing number in the box that pops up.

2.This will open a new page that points to the loan wiki, containing all previous questions, answers, and allows you to add new answers or questions.

Bookmark this (only works if you're looking at a Prosper listing page, this bookmarklet takes you to the Q&A wiki):

Prosper listing bookmarklet

These bookmarklets are in the public domain. If you're like to give credit, please link to


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